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At katlimartelle Elevation Couture each detail is hand picked and customized  so that our designs are unique to meet each clients needs then tailored to fit impeccably. To create a better appearance from the outside-in for all of our clientele that exudes confidence, class, style, and affluence, by inventing a personalized boutique clothing shop experience.    

The Designer

Alexandria is the Founder & Designer of Kat Li Mart Elle, a combination of her Mother and grandmothers names. (Kattie, Liza, Martha,&  Mary Ellen).  Her background is in fit as a Technical Designer, graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas with a focus in Fashion design, she has always had a passion for design and art.  She will bring her skills as a fit technician into each fit session and use her expertise to make sure each garment is customized beautifully to your body. She values her family and close friendships which is exactly the way she wants her customers and clients to feel, Like family.  With that she believes that something she is meant to do is to inspire and motivate people to do whatever that thing is that they are supposed to be and whatever they are supposed to do. In order to do that she decided she has to live in her truth as well, inspiring people through her designs, art and her relationships with them.  It is also important to her that her work is eco friendly and sustainable by using recycled, natural and organic materials to do her designs. As business grows she plans to ensure all practices are fair and ethical. Since she is the sole Clothier at this time, she is hands on and can guarantee that.  Alexandria has a love of painting and drawing as well,  and wants to combine that with painting and drawing on fabric as well to make her customers pieces just as unique as they are.  

Our Sustainable Approach

Tailoring and altering the items you already own is essential in maintaining your sustainable wardrobe.While it is not 100% practical to never shop for anything new or to wear only what we own forever, we believe it is practical to make a decision to buy smart.  At katlimartelle, we will upcycle, use material already owned or source sustainable or eco-friendly and organic fabrics/ materials to put together a design that you will be proud to wear. 

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